Supreme Court refuses to hear Zundel appeal

September 30, 2004 

OTTAWA (CP) - Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel has lost another bid to challenge the federal government's claim that he's a security threat.

The Supreme Court of Canada refused Thursday to hear Zundel's argument that he's being treated unfairly because some of the evidence against him remains secret. Ottawa filed court papers last year saying Zundel was a threat to engage in terrorism or other violence and should be deported.

The so-called security certificate is based on secret intelligence, some of which has been shared with a Federal Court judge but hasn't been made public.

Zundel wanted to force the government to hand over the whole file.

Federal Court rejected the demand. That decision will stand now that the Supreme Court has refused to get involved.

Zundel remains in custody while the deportation case against him continues.