New judges Charron and Abella sworn in as justices of Supreme Court
Canadian Press

Monday, October 04, 2004

Newly sworn in Supreme Court Judge Rosalie Silberman Abella (left) leaves the offical photo-op with fellow judge Marie Deschamps. (CP/Jonathan Hayward)

OTTAWA (CP) - Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella were sworn in as justices of the Supreme Court of Canada on Monday, while demonstrators outside accused them of pushing a radical, feminist agenda.

Charron and Abella bring the Supreme Court to full strength - nine members - for a busy fall sitting that begins with a landmark hearing on same-sex marriage.

About 25 demonstrators carried signs outside the court accusing the new justices of a history of biased judgments.

"We object to (Justice) Abella particularly because she has a history of biased judgments against men, against fathers and against shared parenting," said Glenn Sheraton, executive director of Fathercraft Canada.

Aidan Reid, a spokesman for Campaign Life, said the government was "fixing" the court to push its agenda on gay rights and other issues.

There was no hint of controversy inside the court house, where the two judges were praised by prominent members of the legal community for their commitment to justice and equality, and their ability to balance their careers with family life.

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