Two Timmins teens die after taking pill

Oct. 16, 2004. 12:22 PM


TIMMINS - Two teenagers are dead in as many days after apparently consuming a mysterious red pill believed to be circulating at several high schools, the Timmins Daily Press reported today.

The Timmins Police Service is investigating the deaths of Daniel Drouin, 19, and Andrew Tessier, 17. Investigators said the boys are believed to have died suddenly after consuming the pills, which contained time-release morphine.

At least one other teen was treated at hospital, police said yesterday.

Officers found Drouin dead in his residence around 9 p.m. Thursday.

At 7:45 a.m. yesterday, police learned the second teenager, Tessier, had died in his home after taking the same type of pill.

"We currently have one person in custody in relation to the two deaths," said Insp. Michael McGinn.

Police believe that both youths died from taking the drug, known Oxy Contin.

The pills may have been distributed to students at Roland Michener public school, Ecole Secondaire Publique Renaissance and possibly one other, he added.

Post-mortem examinations are scheduled to determine the exact cause of death.