McGuinty to announce 1,000 new police hirings


Canadian Press

Thursday, Oct 21, 2004

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will try to portray himself as tough on crime Thursday.

He'll outline his plans to put one-thousand more police officers on the war against crime.

Mr. McGuinty says he wants to crack down on domestic violence, child pornography and marijuana grow operations.

Community Safety Minister Monte Kwinter says the hiring of the one-thousand officers will be phased in over the next three years.




I doubt that few people are fooled by Dalton's political posturing no doubt learned from the courtroom.

The tragic fact is that when the premier of a province says 1,000 new police are needed many people will believe the police associations propaganda that crime is on the increase and more police read more money is needed to prevent crime.

The reality is , crime is decreasing, the real crime starts in family court where hardly a lawyer around will deny that most of our judges are corrupt and will make political rather than legal decisions.

In Ottawa, Jennifer McKinnon and Denis Power have got to be amongst the most notoriously corrupt judges in Ontario, not that take money for decisions but rather abuse their power by making political decisions that are for the purpose of wining political brownie points from the extreme feminists.

Justice McKinnon of Ottawa regularly commits obstruction of justice purely from her administrative decisions that destroys lives and causes endless litigation by the victims of her injustice.

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