'Super-Hero' Fathers Guilty over Bridge Protest

Thu 21 Oct 2004

4:52pm (UK)

Fathers 4 Justice campaigners who scaled the Clifton Suspension Bridge in
Bristol dressed as comic book characters were found guilty of public order
offences today.

The four men mounted their protest on February 2 and 3, causing traffic
chaos as the bridge was closed to cars and pedestrians.

The four are Jason Hatch, 32, of Allstone Mews, Cheltenham, who dressed as
Batman, David Pyke, 49, of River Leys, Cheltenham, who appeared as Robin,
Mark Peacock, 31, of Toronto Road, Horfield, Bristol, dressed as Spiderman,
and Patrick Lennon, 47, of St Peterıs Close, Cheltenham, who was Superman.

They were found guilty under Section Five of the Public Order Act of
behaviour that caused harassment, alarm or distress.

District Judge Martin Brown sentenced the four to a twelve-month conditional
discharge at Weston-super-Mare Magistratesı Court.

Passing sentence, he said: ³It was unreasonable of you to remain on the
bridge for so long.

³It follows that the irresponsible attitude expressed by the defendants
infringed on the rights of others.²

The court heard that the four scaled the Grade 1-listed bridge at around
6.30 on the morning of February 2.

They unfurled a Fathers 4 Justice banner and secured themselves to the

Jason Hatch, who wore a Batman costume under his suit throughout the
hearing, said: ³We climbed up on to the bridge for a peaceful, non-violent,
direct action protest.²