Woman blames former male side for vicious attack

Last Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2004 19:24:53 EST

SURREY, B.C. - A Surrey, B.C. woman who had a sex-change operation has been sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting her former common-law wife.

Cara-Ann Lindley has already served 100 days in jail, so she will serve more than four more years behind bars.

Four years ago, Lindley then known as Ray West moved in with Susan McIntosh and they had a son.

In January 2003, West told his wife he had cancer and was going to Montreal for treatment, but he was actually going to have a sex-change operation.

It's only when he returned to Vancouver a few months later that McIntosh discovered that Ray was becoming Cara-Ann.

McIntosh then tried to break off the relationship.

Five months ago, Cara-Ann went to McIntosh's house in Surrey and beat her with a tire iron 20 times and tried to strangle her.

McIntosh's cheekbone and teeth were smashed, and she had major reconstruction surgery, requiring 66 staples, 49 stitches and a face plate.

Defence lawyer Greg Rideout claimed Lindley's former male personality was responsible for the attack.

He also blamed a combination of estrogen and alcohol.

But Judge Dennis Devitt called it a cowardly and vicious act.

Written by CBC News Online staff