Beyond Reasons

“We know now the hows, we know the whos, we don't have all the answers to the whys and we may never have all the answers to the whys.”

The voice belonged to Det. Sgt. Chris Buck of the Homicide Squad. But it might well be the words spoken by every parent in the G.T.A., after police confirmed Friday that Andrea Labbe was responsible for that horrific murder-suicide at 516 Concord Ave.

Forensics prove that the 27-year-old mother of three was the one wielding the knife that killed her husband, 47-year-old Brian Langer, with a wound to the torso. Three-year-old Zoe suffered a fatal injury to the neck. And Labbe’s self-inflicted death blow came in the same area.

Two-year-old Brigitte is now conscious and recovering at the Hospital for Sick Children, while the deceased couple’s third child, seven-month-old Margot, wasn’t hurt.

As relatives prepare for three heartbreaking funerals, the question 'why' echoes loudly and without end. But investigators fear that’s something even science may never be able to answer.

Chief Julian Fantino concedes the tragedy still has his people reeling. “You can never become dull to such horrific, tragic situations but … someone has to look after these issues. But, yeah, it does indeed traumatize people,” he confirms.

Buck revealed the forensic findings to 20 grieving relatives Thursday night, but refused to say if the distraught mom might have been suffering from postpartum depression. “I'm not a medical professional and I'm not going to comment any further on that aspect of it.”

The police investigation continues, but officers hope the public will back away and let those who were directly impacted by the nightmare move on.

“As a community, we can grieve with them, but also as a community, we need to respect the privacy of these families,” he advises. “We need to let go, and we need to let those families get on with their lives and get past the tragedy of December 1st.”

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December 3, 2004