Dear Sir / Madam;
I fully trust that punishment cited in "Punishment to increase on deadbeats"
will include deadbeat mothers, who bleed fathers dry financially, physically and emotionally
until those fathers commit suicide - alas perhaps leaving whatever estate to these
deadbeat mothers.
I am a mother myself and a widowed mother, who has raised two teenage daughters alone
for the past six years. In January, 2004 missing a complete family above all and wanting to
to  grow old without a life partner, I married an also widowed father of a 16 year old boy and a 24 year old daughter.  This daughter was from my husband's first marriage and a daughter whom he continued to support through four years of "College Education" . As informed parents know, college courses last two years. The mother of this young lady managed to drive my husband's second wife to suicide in November, 2000 after 10 years of marriage to my husband. A bottom feeder who never did accept responsibility for spreading her legs and conceiving life in the first place, one who spread them again throughout the local community of Niagara Falls, while her baby daughter of six months was left at home, being cared for by " DAD". A bottom feeder who enjoyed a short employment stunt with Canada Customs, only to " claim mental disability" for the rest of her life, while leaving the same young infant locked up in the middle of winter in her car,  to drink at a local establishment and one who allowed this young daughter to be raped by one of her fly by night lovers.
The same bottom feeder, who has learned to live of the avails of the social and legal system ALL Canadian's, including widowed mother's and father's contribute to.
This woman has been re-married for well over 10 years and her current husband lives in the
basement of their home.  A sad state of affairs, if a woman get's away with repeated murder - aided by the Justice System.
As of lately, this very bottom feeder of 21 years ago, managed to alienate my husband's
16 year old son from his second marriage.  But then again, that one is called " the grey
area of the law".  Here you have a man who has retrieved countless children from car trunks and strip clubs, returning those children to their parents. Here you have a  father
who has without default supported his daughter for 24 years, raised two stepsons 
alongside his own son, lost a wife to death and a newly married, previously widowed couple paying the price of " hell" for a Justice System that has long gone askew.
As a mother, woman, widow and wife, my eyes have been opened wide to a legal system
gone askew, which persecutes good men,  kills superior fathers any kid could only dream off , while catering to deadbeat mothers with precisely that - a licence to alienate and kill.
Have we returned to the " Fringes" in this country?
I encourage this government and FRO to get a grip on reality and set the balance of
justice straight.  A justice which needs to post the faces of  mothers and suspend
their driver's licenses alongside those - usually " fathers" who are raped by this system.
Women want to be " equal" , then let that law prevail and display both parties on the internet. The parent who is claimed to be a deadbeat and the parent who does the claiming.
Only fair - after all, the public deserves to know who done what - including both sexes.
Perhaps that provides good, supportive men with a measure to stay away from involving
themselves with criminally harrassing and abusive deadbeat moms.
In the meantime, women do have the hands-up.  You spread your legs - your doing!
You have a child, make sure you can support that child - that is what responsibility
towards conceiving and raising life is all about.
Lord help you if you ever had to do it on your own without the crutches of  running to the courts or FRO! And if you do, remember, you are just as much of a deadbeat - bleeding taxes from  ALL Canadians, including women who ARE responsible for raising their children on their own.
Angie Frommann
167 Municipal Street
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 4R3