Dad charged after child accidentally ingests date rape drug
With reporting by Ron Bencze
Global BC, Broadcast News

Monday, December 13, 2004
A charge of criminal negligence has been laid against a Vancouver man whose three-year-old daughter became sick Sunday night after drinking from a water bottle which was laced with GHB, commonly known as the date rape drug.
Police say the 33-year-old father had been at a party Saturday night and brought home a water bottle containing the drug.
The little girl was playing with her little brother the next day when she drank from the water bottle and collapsed. Her mother called 911 and the child was rushed to hospital, where she is currently recovering from the drug overdose.
She was in serious condition for several hours, but is doing better. She is expected to be able to return home soon.
Gamma Hydroxy Buterate, or GHB, is an odorless, colourless drug that is usually added to water. Many partygoers use it to fight anxiety and depression, to create a sense of euphoria and enhance sexual feelings.
Bodybuilders and athletes also use GHB to build muscle and enhance athletic performance.
High doses of the drug can cause adults to lose consciousness and even stop breathing.
Police say the drug could easily have been fatal to a child and the three-year-old is lucky to be alive.
Vancouver Police Constable Anne Drennan said it's a reminder to parents to keep potentially dangerous chemicals stowed away from small children.
"It is a case where people should be aware that leaving anything that can be toxic out where children are playing is always a serious risk, and in this case it was just a completely irresponsible act that resulted in the little girl's being so ill," Drennan said.
 Global BC, Broadcast News 2004