Porn star 'urged husband's death'

15 December, 2004,


A porn movie star fed her disabled husband paracetamol and made him a hanging noose because she wanted his money, a court heard.

Gemma Johnson, 21, showed "no mercy" in encouraging her husband - born with spina bifida - to kill himself, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Giving evidence, an emotional James Edwards, 38, said Ms Johnson was "angry" when the attempts failed.

Ms Johnson denies aiding Mr Edwards' suicide attempts. The trial continues.

In a text message sent three days before Mr Edwards attempted suicide, she said: "Why don't you get on with it. It would make a lot of people happier."

Directed films

Prosecuting, Andrew MacFarlan said Ms Johnson forced Mr Edwards to make a will a month before he attempted suicide.

The couple, who had married in February 2003, split up in August when their relationship became violent.

According to the will, she would inherit 80,000 cash, Edwards's home in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. which was worth 300,000, and his two life insurance policies worth up to 400,000 in total.

Mr Edwards, who directed films and appeared with Ms Johnson, told the jury he wanted to die because he still loved her and wanted to make her happy.

The trial continues.