Welcome news for women

By Teviah Moro
Local News - Wednesday, December 15, 2004 @ 07:00

Premier Dalton McGuinty’s action plan to help diffuse violence against women in Ontario is welcome news for front-line workers in Timmins.

Kathy Dionne hopes the four-year plan that earmarks $56 million to provide better community support for victims, including counselling and housing, will close the gaps that many victims of violence are falling through“I think there are a lot of cracks in the system now,” said Dionne, public education co-ordinator at Timmins and Area Women in Crisis.

Many women don’t qualify for shelters or social-assistance programs — factors that make them stay longer in abusive situations, she said.

If the province’s funding package is new money, it could be good news for front-line service providers in the fight against domestic violence, said Carole-Anne Fournier, spokesperson for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Cochrane-Timiskaming branch.

But breaking the cycle of violence is a tough nut to crack, she said.

Among the factors that make abused women stick it out as long as they do is the financial support a relationship offers.

Paying rent and bills and providing for her children can be challenging for a woman living on a single income, or worse, welfare, Fournier said.

“It’s a big decision to leave. The system is not set up to make it easy for anybody to escape a violent relationship,” she said.




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