Woman gets two years for stabbing man

The Daily Press
Local News - Wednesday, December 15, 2004 @ 07:00

A Timmins woman was sentenced to two years in custody for stabbing a man in the neck more than four times.

Lorraine Iahtail, 28, will serve her time in a federal penitentiary. She was also sentenced to two years probation.

Crown Attorney Dave Thomas said it was good fortune that the victim didn’t receive a more serious injury.

“We’re really lucky this isn’t a man slaughter,” Thomas said.

The court heard that on the evening of Sept. 28, Iahtail was drinking in her apartment with several friends when an argument broke out with one of the guests.

As the victim tried to leave the apartment building, Iahtail attacked him with a knife, striking him four times with a stabbing motion.

The victim suffered several lacerations to his neck and shoulders.

The victim made his way to the Timmins Police Station, and an ambulance was immediately summoned.

Iahtail was charged with aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, and breach of probation.

Too sick for prison

A 41-year-old man who fought with two police officers and assaulted one man received house arrest instead of custody due to illness.

David Knapaysweet was sentenced to a six month conditional sentence for hitting a police officer in a face and assaulting another man on his way to work.

An attorney for Knapaysweet said his client was on kidney dialysis and would be better off under house arrest.

Crown Attorney Dave Thomas said for an ill man Knapaysweet showed remarkable physical prowess.

“It’s also a great risk to your health to take on two police officers and pummel one man on his way to work.”

Thomas also pointed out that Knapaysweet’s dialysis was a result of his drinking habit.

On the evening of Jan. 2, officers observed Knapaysweet leaving a New Year’s dance without a jacket on. As they approached Knapaysweet, officers saw he was under the influence of alcohol.

As they attempted to arrest him for consuming alcohol contrary to a liquor ban on the reservation, Knapaysweet struggled with officers and punched one constable in the face.

In another incident, occurring on Aug. 19, Knapaysweet assaulted another man who was heading to work.

The court heard that Knapaysweet pulled up beside the man and asked the victim if he was “acting tough.”

After being hit by Knapaysweet, the victim fell into a ditch; he suffered a swollen lip and a limp as a result of the attack.

Officers made quick arrest

Officers were quick to arrest one of the culprits guilty of breaking into Bucovetsky’s department store in mid-October.

The court heard 24-year-old Carl Harrison was easy to spot because he was wearing some of the merchandise stolen earlier that evening.

At 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 19, Harrison and his companion threw a brick through the window of the downtown department store.

The two men then grabbed several articles of clothing, including the jacket that Harrison was caught sporting later in the evening.

Crown Attorney Dave Thomas said the value of the stolen items was $300.

Damage to the store’s window was approximately $2,000.

A lawyer for Harrison said alcohol played a factor in his behaviour that night.

Justice Ralph Carr said Harrison’s actions would cost him in terms of his freedom.

“You can’t throw bricks through windows,” Carr said. “It’s illegal, sir.”

Driver’s damage tops $7,000

A man whose drunk driving antics led to more than $7,000 in property damage lost his licence for two years and was fined $1,150.

On the evening of Oct. 23, Jody Lelievre, 26, left a local establishment after having consumed a quantity of alcohol.

Heading east bound on Highway 101 at a high rate of speed, Lelievre then attempted to negotiate a left hand turn without correctly adjusting his speed.

The court heard that the car then hit a curb and became airborne.

The vehicle then smashed through a hedge and landed in the backyard of a residence, hitting the side of the house.

Lelievre then reversed through the hedge and drove the vehicle home.

Crown Attorney Dave Thomas said the damage to the property was extensive.

“It’s fortunate no one was seriously hurt, even himself, at that high rate of speed,” Thomas said.

Justice Ralph Carr said Lelievre was lucky he didn’t kill anyone.

“I want you to understand that you’ve come precariously close to jail,” Carr said. “You can’t drink alcohol and drive.”

Carr said Lelievre would also have to deal with higher insurance rates as a result of his crime.

“You’re only 26; don’t ruin your life,” he said.

Man beats up 13-year-old

A man who broke into a home and assaulted a 13-year-old boy trying to defend his mother received a 30 day conditional sentence.

The court heard on the morning of Oct. 16 Daniel Huard, 39, broke into a residence in Timmins and began yelling at the home’s occupants.

Huard grabbed one woman by the shirt collar and shook her several times.

When the 13-year-old son of one of the victims came downstairs and attempted to defend his mother, Huard grabbed the boy by his collar and pinned him against the wall.

Crown Attorney Dave Thomas said Huard’s behaviour was unacceptable.

“You can’t barge into a house like a lunatic and start manhandling young boys and women,” Thomas said.

Justice Ralph Carr agreed.

“I hope this behaviour doesn’t repeat itself,” said Justice Ralph Carr.