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"Men's Program" new for fall 2004
 The Men's Program at Carleton
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The Men's Program at Carleton

Planned for the fall 2004, Carleton will be initiating a rape-prevention workshop designed with the goal of: empowering men to take a positive role in ending the suffering caused by male sexual assault. This new program, developed by Dr. John Foubert, called The Men's Program , teaches men how they can be supportive of sexual assault survivors. The full title of this program is How to Help a Sexual-Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do .

This program is designed to teach men how awful rape feels, how they can help their women friends recover from rape, and how they as men can take more responsibility for ending rape. The program itself is most effective when undergraduate men present it to other undergraduate men. Male graduate students, however, are still welcome to participate.

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" One in Four" at Carleton
By the fall 2005, the second Canadian Chapter of "One in Four" will be formed. The members of "One in Four" will be male Carleton students who have been trained to facilitate the Men's Program - to educate other men about sexual assault. By becoming members of "One in Four", they will earn a membership in the second Canadian Chapter of NO MORE - Men's Outreach for Rape Education, a U.S.-based non-profit organization. 

To book a presentation to an all-male student audience, please contact Equity Services.

Male students interested in joining "One in Four" are encouraged to contact an Equity Advisor to register for the next training session, to be facilitated by late fall 2004. 

What does The Men's Program Accomplish?
The Men's Program has recently been shown to do many things. First, it significantly improves men's ability to help women recover from sexual assault. Secondly, recently published research proves that it is a very effective rape-prevention program - in short, 75% of high risk men (men likely to commit sexual assault) who see the program become less likely to commit sexual assault.

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Quick Facts about "The Men's Program" Title: "How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do." Format: All-male, peer education program. Goals: Help men understand how to help women recover from rape. Make men less likely to be sexually coercive with women. Basis: Rooted in research literature showing the efficacy of all-male, peer education format that relies on victim empathy and increasing men's aversion to rape. Based on 2 models of attitude change (belief system theory and the elaboration likelihood model), where material is presented in a format perceived as relevant to the audience -- addressing men as potential helpers, not as potential rapists. Content: Building victim empathy, teaching men how to help women recover from rape, challenging men to change their own behavior and influence others. Effects: Significantly improves men's understanding of how to help women recover from rape. Significantly lowers men's rape myth acceptance and likelihood of raping for
 entire academic year - longer than any other program evaluated in the research literature Schewe, 1999). Fully 75% of "high risk" men who see "The Men's Program" report lower likelihood of raping after the program concludes -- an effect which lasts an entire academic year

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Basic Outline of The Men's Program

The entire program lasts about 45 minutes, and it is a multi-media presentation. In the program, trained peer educators do the following things

   Define rape and sexual assault
   Present a short video describing a male-on-male rape situation
   Draw parallels between the video and experiences a survivor may encounter
   Discuss ways to help a survivor
   Suggest other ways men can help end rape
   Discuss questions