Sun, December 26, 2004

Strippergate scandal puts Sgro in hotseat


IF THE OPPOSITION had its way, Immigration Minister Judy Sgro would be dumped from her cabinet post over the Strippergate affair. Sgro has faced daily barrages over a controversial case involving a Romanian stripper who worked on the York West MP's re-election campaign.

At the heart of the accusations is that Sgro gave the woman preferential treatment by extending her work permit.

The exotic dancer's plea to stay in Canada was taken directly to Sgro, who granted the stripper a temporary resident permit on "humanitarian and compassionate" grounds.

When media reports revealed the case, it sparked more accusations levelled at Sgro's staff and the fact her chief-of-staff, Igor Wons, met with a Toronto strip club owner. The club owner was looking for help to get dancers into the country.

A second meeting between Wons and another Toronto strip club has also come to light.

Wons is now on stress leave.