Mon, December 27, 2004

It's all about revenge, not equality

By Lydia Lovric

One of the biggest lies perpetuated by modern-day feminists is the contention that feminism is about equality. Feminists aren't interested in equality. What they want is revenge.

Apparently, breaking down barriers and smashing glass ceilings is laudable only when women are the beneficiaries. Equality is not a two-way street for these feminists. It's more of a one-way street with a dead end. That's why the movement is going nowhere in the eyes of many young women, including myself.

Recently, a group of women decided to file a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. They weren't too happy about the fact that an exclusive Vancouver golf club boasts a male-only lounge. They said it was sexist. And they're right. But that doesn't mean that this lounge should be forced to accept female members.

Equality is not about getting ovaries into any and every boys' club. Women in this country have the right to form their own clubs (whether it be co-ed or just for ladies) and that's what equality is about. The law should only provide opportunity. It's up to the individual to do the rest.

So if women in Vancouver want a posh place to eat meals and chat about golf, then they have every right to create their own establishment. They also have the option to bar men or admit them. And while feminists want the right to barge into all-male establishments, it seems that what's good for the goose is not so good for the gander.

When Ralph Gordon Stopps tried to take advantage of a free 10-day membership at a local gym club, he was denied entry. The basis for this rejection? Genitalia. It appears that Mr. Stopps has the wrong "parts" to become a member of "Just Ladies Fitness."

Where are the feminists now? Why aren't they standing up for Mr. Stopps and the outrageous discrimination he has faced based purely on sex? Why is it OK to have fitness clubs for women only, but a group of male golf buddies can't sit around and talk about how Tiger Woods' game has gone downhill ever since he tied the knot?

The truth is, feminists will never defend someone like Mr. Stopps. Feminists want to eat their cake while the men in the world dine on Timbits.

Don't believe me? Brigitte LeBlanc, a 14-year-old Moncton girl, wasn't satisfied playing hockey with the boys. She wanted more. So she petitioned the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission to grant her the right to use the boys' locker room. Astonishingly, she won.

Surely, there are a few 14-year-old boys out there who wouldn't mind gaining entry to the girls' locker room. But you can bet that day will never come. We have a greater chance of hearing Carolyn Parrish praise the Bush administration.

But I digress. Time and time again, we have women demanding access to boys' teams and boys' clubs.

Remember Robyn Waite? She's the Ontario high school girl who plays quarterback on the boys' football team. Before her, there was Justine Blainey and Hayley Wickenheiser, who fought for and won the right to skate with the boys. And the LPGA wasn't good enough for Annika Sorenstam, so she decided to tee off with the men during a 2003 PGA tournament.

It seems that every time a female voice challenges a male team, the guys are eventually forced to swing open their door and welcome the newest member. But the door doesn't swing both ways.

Female athletes continue to have the luxury of maintaining girls' teams and girls' clubs. Guys no longer have that right. And that's discrimination.

When Brian Kontak realized that he couldn't earn a living playing in the PGA, he wanted to try his luck with the LPGA. The women were not amused.

Now, there's a boy in Wisconsin who wants to compete on his high school's gymnastic team. Only problem is that his school doesn't have a team for boys. So, hoping to earn a scholarship in order to attend college, Keith Michael Bukowski wants the chance to spring vault and somersault with the ladies. Kudos to the young lad for making a point, but hopefully he's not holding his breath.

The truth is, equality isn't so important for feminists when the person seeking parity is a guy. Equal treatment only applies when it benefits women. And that's why feminism just doesn't add up.