Dillon, Jim {FLNA} <Jim.Dillon@fritolay.com>

Suicide an option?

Dec 30, 2004

I read the heading of your website... to turn the trend of suicide of
fathers who are falsely accused (my interpretation).
I have thought of that option so often and it seems like it would be such a
I was married 24 years, she ran off with someone 10 years her junior, taking
my kids, all 8 of them. I signed the papers without a lawyer, wiped out.
That was 3 years ago. Took me 2 years to get strong enough to fight. Filed
for custody, all of a sudden I am a child molester, according to her.
Florida DCF is corrupt and believes everything she says. Court coming in a
couple of months.
I read a lot about fathers who lose, not much about any that win. Heard any
good news lately?   
Thanks for listening,
Jim in Atlanta Georgia