Feminism, the WKKK, and the Gender-Lynching of Michael Jackson

April 21, 2005


by David R. Usher

From the onset, it was apparent that the Michael Jackson case bore all the hallmarks of a classic false child abuse allegation. The pleadings were overloaded with wild allegations beyond reconciliation in even the worst dime-store novel.

The case had the appearance of a charcoal rubbing of the McMartin preschool abuse trial (which incidentally involved heinous acts involving hot-air balloons).

The case reeked of an odor reminiscent of the Little Rascals ritual abuse case, over which Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote eloquently for many years to free the innocents convicted on emotion alone.

Like so many cases, there were glaring financial motives, most notably involving an attorney who had previously pick-pocketed Jackson for $20 million dollars on similar, apparently unfounded allegations.

Going into the trial, everyone already knew that the mother was an accomplished liar who had coached her children how to make money using sexual allegations. And this is just a whiff of what fills the room after you open the Limburger cheese.

The case has fallen apart. The mother can hardly remember what time it is (unless it might make her a fast buck). If she were a farmer, she would have to get somebody else to call her cows for her.

In a display of journalistic candidness, Fox news is calling for an end to the trial (perhaps to save the jury from wasting any more of their lives).

Understanding the drivers behind the Jackson case requires an acute awareness of the history of feminism. Once you understand feminism for what it truly is, the Jackson case is pretty much self-explanatory.

Lets open this history book, perhaps for the first time.

Feminism is the post-modern Women’s Ku Klux Klan

It is time everyone come to grips with history and imprint an important fact on our brains: Feminism as we know it is the direct ideological and political descendant of the Women’s Ku Klux Klan (WKKK).

This fact is documented in the book “Women of the Klan”, by Kathleen L. Blee.

In addition to reading this book, everyone should also take the time to study the DadsNow web site, which has a good timeline and an analysis tracing feminism from its roots in the WKKK of the late 1800’s through today.

For those who just want a few high-level facts, here is the shirtsleeve high-level:


Is post-modern feminism radical, equalitarian, or both?

Radicality is still the core of the feminist movement. It is not merely a problem of a few rotten apples tainting and otherwise equalitarian movement. Cathy Young says it best:

“Critics of radical feminism have been often accused of exaggerating the importance of a handful of male-haters in the movement. Yet Dworkin was never relegated to the lunatic fringe where she belonged: Her texts have been widely assigned in women's studies courses, and prominent feminists from activist Gloria Steinem to philosopher Martha Nussbaum have offered their praise, treating her hatemongering as extremism in defense of the oppressed. (I prefer the view that hate is hate.)”.

The core feminist movement includes abortionists and an army of ivory-tower professionals who build entire institutions on replacing good husbands with feminist-patriarchal government. The core is presently comprised of women (most of whom masquerade as lesbians) who want “marriage” to become a license for any two women to marry each other and take over family and society altogether. They spawn countless reports containing false data on subjects such as child support and domestic violence – all of which are ultimately debunked ten to twenty years after the policies go into effect.

Feminists constantly wail about marriage being a “trap” or a method of slavery. They don’t want it, or men. They pretend that husbands are a danger to women, when in fact husbands are the lowest risk group for child abuse and abuse of women. And they want no-fault divorce so they win easily without even having to prove fault on the part of the husband.

But feminists only throw away their half of the marital contract. They still expect society to steal men’s money to provide them all the benefits of marriage. They also demand government provide all the other services that men normally provided in marriage, including parenting, health care funding, housing, discipline, and even love.

And we actually do this – etched in ink all up and down federal and state law. If conservatives have ever had an issue to take up, this is it.

Feminists have mastered the art of turning hateful screed into politically-correct public policy. Their political ancestors were masters at this too.

This leads us to an important realization: The word “feminism” is an irreconcilable paradox. It is impossible to be equalitarian or balanced when viewing everything solely from the women’s perspective. There is no evidence that the core of feminism believes in equality.

The primary point: Feminism is evil. There is no longer any reason to cater to it, or its supporters, and no one should fear reprise for speaking out against those who identify it.

A Prediction: Equalitarian Feminists will abandon feminism entirely

It is astonishing that “equalitarian feminists” who truly believe in equality between men and women haven’t found the nerve to reject the feminist movement entirely and instead form a true pro-social movement based on sound values.

Having “gender feminists”, “radical feminists”, and “equalitarian feminists” all calling themselves “feminists” is the political paradox of all time. We could as easily collapse all political parties in America into a one-party system and then wonder why it stands for everything and nothing at the same time while the bad guys get away with political murder.

This is convenient arrangement inures to the political benefit of radical feminists, who feign equalitarianism in the political spotlight while doing just the opposite when behind closed doors in perfume-filled rooms. The mere presence of equalitarianists in the movement provides the political cover and very legitimacy they need to operate.

It also provides cover for the average woman, who likes to think that feminism is “all about equality”, knowing she can change her mind and pursue selfish interests at the expense of men whenever she feels like it.

True equalitarianists (both men and women alike) can never realize their goals, under the auspices of feminism because radicals misuse their ill-gotten legitimacy to poison the work of equalitarianists.

Why do equalitarian feminists insist on clinging to a word bearing so many evil roots that has hardly stood for equality since passage of the 19 th amendment? It makes no sense whatsoever. Christina Hoff Summers and Wendy McElroy would have a huge movement on their hands if they simply walked away from feminism and started a new movement with a discrete identity. When Democrats get sick of socialism, they become Republicans.

Equalitarianists have a historic opportunity. They should walk out the feminist door and never look back. They have the knowledge, skills, and support to form a very powerful movement comprised of both men and women seeking change along solid pro-social terms, perhaps under the auspices of the “Millenium Marriage Movement”.

Sheer numbers ensure a relatively quick political victory: There are a lot more equalitarian men and women out than there are radical feminists.

Why do I suggest “The Millenium Marriage Movement”? Marriage is not a trap: it is the greatest institution in the history of civilization guaranteeing social, sexual, and economic equality as between men and women, for the successful raising of children in moral society.

Once this transformation has been accomplished, the new equalitarianists can attack feminism with full force without also attacking themselves at the same time.

The WKKK, modern feminism, and Moral Relativism

Neither the KKK, the WKKK, nor modern feminism lives according to a definable yardstick of values (except for sexism, of course). The political values are entirely malleable according to the power goals of liberal feminists and their complex of lawyers, politicians, psychologists, and administrative agencies who make a living inculcating feminism as legitimate policy.

On April 18 th of this year, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger issued a warning in a pre-conclave homily describing the problem of feminism in both the Church and Western culture. He stated, “A dictatorship of relativism is being formed, one that recognizes nothing as definitive and that has as its measure only the self and its desires.”

We know that feminist culture is driving gay politics, pressuring the Church to allow gay priests and gay marriage; and we also know it is feminist culture that attacks the church when gay priests abuse children.

This defines the keystone tactic of predatory politics practices every day by liberal feminists -- demand the implantation of moral relativism into legitimate institutions (and larger society) in the name of false equality and freedom, and then sue whomever they don’t like (or whoever is rich) for doing anything feminists imagine that their liberalized target might have done wrong.

It is truly astonishing that conservatives and religious institutions (at best) merely turn a blind eye to feminism. It weakens their institutions, prevents achieving a moral society, keeps the national deficit unmanageable, and prevents the core of the Republican party from achieving its goal of improving marriage rates and stabilizing society as a whole.

A message to Conservatives

If you want to send liberalism back to the hole it crawled out of forever, all you have to do is reject feminists and their lobbyists, and go around them to the constituency.

Policies helping families work through the normal processes of marriage and aging are what most folks want and need. They don’t like the present system, where the only two choices are “living with it” or “getting a divorce”. Most government employees working in social services, psychologists, lawyers, and medical practitioners only care about their jobs. They aren’t going to fight you, and in fact most will support you, if you push for enactment of legislation that will (finally) make their jobs positive, healing work.

The Hardball Analysis of the lynching of Michael Jackson

What does the postmodern WKKK have to do with Michael Jackson? Everything!

When feminists left the KKK, they simply forgot the word “black”. In its place, they merely substituted the word “men”. Please hit your rewind button and reread the previous sentence until the full meaning sinks in.

They continued working the same feminist agenda using the same political techniques and networks established in the WKKK, but using the veil of “women’s rights”, victimization, operating behind the legitimate mantle of suffrage to subdue anyone questioning their agenda. Even today, anyone who questions a feminist is likely to be accused of trying to revoke the 19 th Amendment, if not accused of being a chauvinist pig or a probable wife abuser..

Racial discrimination is illegal and offensive to almost everyone. Surprisingly, most folks have not recognized that sexism and racism are equally offensive and dangerous.

The difference between racism and sexism is this: sexism has been deemed worthy of affirmative action, entitlements, and special protections, shielded by the sanctity of single-motherhood.

So, feminists throw out the wildest allegations about men every day in courtrooms across America. They have seized control of over half the marriages, families, small businesses, and assets in America while pushing husbands into the bottomless pit of deadbeat politics. And it appears that Michael Jackson may have helped the woman he befriended do this to her husband, while setting himself up for the mother-of-all lawsuits all at the same time.

In the Jackson case there is perhaps residual racism at work. But this is not the main issue. The main issue is the fact that Jackson is a male. Stop and real the previous sentence again.

In working with black activists, I have never had anyone disagree with my thesis:

The greatest problem faced by blacks is not racism itself. Sexism and discrimination against the black male both in family and society, is the greatest single factor keeping blacks a desperate underclass. The only difference between racism and sexism is the target for socioeconomic slavery. What was once a problem of racial discrimination has become a major problem of social gender discrimination subsequently justifying institutionalized economic discrimination against men.

This attitude extends deeply into most major black political organizations, and even churches. They blame black men for the ills of black society, and in the same sentence demand entitlements which have the effect of balkanizing more black families forever. This leaves black families poor, weak, and forever demanding entitlements from Democrats.

This is not new information. We have known it since 1965 and still have done nothing about it. In the Moynihan Report, Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick Moynihan pointed out that rising rates of single mothers and illegitimacy, divorce and separation, unemployment and welfare dependency among blacks were destabilizing and weakening the black family.

Organizations selling out their own constituency to big government have created chronic deep-seated mistrust between black men and women. The depth of the cultural damage is evidenced by the prevalence of gender warfare mantras pervasive in hip-hop music and culture.

Michael Jackson and Democrats both from entitlement demand problems. But there is one huge difference. A family of known welfare fraud artists discovered how to work the feminist entitlement system. They are at his front door hurling a barrage of sexual allegations and demanding a ton of money.

Jackson is extremely rich and is a legend of eccentricity. I have seen Jackson’s work at Disneyland, and been behind the scenes there too. It takes a dreamer of incredible imagination and technical skill to put together the shows he did for Disney. He loves the thrill, the shock, the awe, and often does it at the eye level of a child. This is show business, and show business is all about grandiosity and outdoing the next guy. Those in the glam race often come across like aliens from Mars. Indeed, some of them are.

Jackson has lived a fantasy world for many years. Neverland is just the part of it he happens to reside in. And he liked (note the use the “past tense”) to help kids, and heap luxuries on poor families with problems. This is not unusual – lots of rich folks do that in one way or another.

So the new WKKK set out to perform a lawyerly lynching of Michael Jackson. Every mob motive is present. He is a male. He is very rich, eccentric, and black too. It was an irresistible invitation to misuse false allegations of sexual improprieties, for profit and political gain.

Michael Jackson is not a saint. But it takes a lot more imagination than Jackson will ever have to conclude he is the child sexual molester and family kidnapper that a family of self-confessed liars would have us believe.

If Jackson is acquitted (which I predict he will be), I hope there is enough evidence on the record to put the lynch mob on trial, and convict them instead.

David R. Usher

David R. Usher is a Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition.