Sex twice a day normal, claims former fiance
By Kirsty Wynn
The man allegedly poisoned by his fiance to slow down his sex drive says he feels sorry for her - but still believes there's nothing unreasonable about wanting sex twice a day.

Last week, Malaysian woman Mee Kwan Ng appeared in the Auckland District Court charged with poisoning with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to her former partner, nurseryman Martin Walker, 53.

It had been alleged Mr Walker wanted sex up to 35 times a week so his fiance spiked his drinks to "slow him down". The case was thrown out because of a lack of evidence.

Speaking to the Herald on Sunday after the case, Walker refuted suggestions he had demanded sex 35 times a week. "There is no way that is true and I would never subject anyone to sex - to subject someone to sex implies force."

He thought he had a normal sexual appetite but said he had been worried about the "steadily decreasing frequency of sex" with Ng - and worried it would decrease further after marriage. He said he thought having sex twice a day was not unreasonable in a new relationship.

Mr Walker said he did not bear a grudge against his former partner - and now, with the case over, just wanted her to be happy.

"It has been a very tough year for her with no friends and family around. I just want her to be able to get on with things. I feel very sorry for her," Mr Walker said.

Walker - who owns specialist plant store Coromandel Cacti in Mt Wellington - only went to police after noticing a white substance in his drink.

According to the police, Ng crushed up antihistamine and anti-inflammatory medicines which she put in her former fiance's vodka and orange and his wine on three occasions in January. Mr Walker noticed an unusual taste in his drink and gave samples of the beverages to his GP for analysis. Later that month Ng was said to have added crushed up Masterpet pet repellent to the other medicines which she then put in a meal of fried rice. Mr Walker took two mouthfuls before detecting a strong chemical taste and gritty texture. He confronted Ng with his suspicions and asked she be served with a trespass order.

When police saw the reason for the trespass order, they arrested Ng.

"She was arrested and it was a complete surprise to her," Mr Walker said. "She was taken away at night and all her possessions were taken. I felt bad despite everything that had happened."

Mr Walker said since Ng's arrest she had had a terrible time and now had little cash. "She won't even turn the heater on because she is trying to save money, so she is cold and miserable."