Thu, March 2, 2006

Killer dad hopes for conviction clarity


REGINA -- Robert Latimer hopes a new federal government and a new judge on the Supreme Court will give him the clarity he is seeking regarding his conviction for killing his severely disabled daughter.

In a phone interview from a minimum-security prison in Victoria, the farmer from Wilkie, Sask., said he's baffled by how the high court could unanimously conclude he had other medical options for easing 12-year-old Tracy's pain.

He said he's written to the court several times asking what those are, but has received nothing back.

"New judge, new justice minister," Latimer said yesterday.

"The new government says there is going to be accountability, so here we go, let's have some."

On Oct. 24, 1993, Latimer put Tracy in his truck, ran a hose from the tail pipe into the cab and started the engine.

He was found guilty of second-degree murder at two trials despite his argument he killed his daughter to relieve her suffering.