Baby boomers: The old and the sexless

Survey shows they're getting it less, but enjoying it more


Fri, March 17, 2006



CANADA'S BOOMERS are getting plenty of Sex and the City, but not much sex.

An Ipsos-Reid survey shows people 40 to 64, devote only 15 minutes a day -- that's less than two hours a week -- to sex and romance.

This compares with the four to five hours a day -- more than 30 hours a week -- they spend watching TV or surfing the internet.

"Life gets in the way," said Dr. Richard Casey, medical director of Oakville's Male Health Centre, which treats both men and women with sexual difficulties.

"You can't do everything. You've got to put time aside for it, and men aren't very good about doing that."


It's not about scheduling sex, said Casey, a urologist and endocrinologist.

"You're scheduling time together," Casey said. If both partners are healthy and fit, that "intimate" time together may end up with sex.

The survey of nearly 2,500 people -- commissioned by Pfizer, makers of Viagra -- found 58% are too tired for sex ,while 42% say they're stressed out, and 40% say they have no time.

"Sex is everywhere. That's the most frustrating thing," Casey said. "We think everybody is getting it, but they're not. We tell fibs."

People have sex an average of twice a month, but the frequency is often reported as two to three times a week, he said.

While boomers have less sex, the survey found just 28% say it's less enjoyable now than compared with their 20s.

Nearly half say sex is intimate and tender and more than 80% say sex makes them feel loved and appreciated.


Casey said a healthy sex life is often a sign of a healthy life. Good erectile function is often a sign of good cardiac function, and a good sex life is often a sign of a good relationship.

"It's like heated seats if you live in Manitoba or a sunroof if you live in British Columbia. You're not going to die without it," Casey said. "It's a reflection of your good health."

While men and women in their 20s often swear they'll have active sex lives for life, "give them three kids and full-time jobs, things are going to change," Casey said.