Women ready for everything to have unrestricted access to men's flesh


Brothels for women try to take their place in the sex industry of Moscow slowly but surely. Both wealthy and common Russian ladies get tired of men’s strip clubs and want to experience some more. They do not want to merely see it: they want to touch it and grab it and do everything else. In addition to male escorts’ services, Russian women can now go to a special club where they can entertain themselves and let off steam with male prostitutes.

In spite of the fact that brothels for women provide similar sexual services (albeit from prostitutes of the opposite sex) such places are usually set up like night clubs, not just ordinary whore-houses. The club that has been recently opened in the center of Moscow has a bar stand, a stage and several booths for private intimate entertainment.

The woman who owns the club has to hire new personnel every now and then. She carefully examines every man that looks for a chance to dance for drunk women naked and make them pay for sex with him. Needless to say that the examination process includes the part where a job-seeker needs to drop his pants and show the lady the tool which he is going to expose in the club every night.

“When I ask a man to take his shirt off and play a bit with his muscles he finds it very enjoyable. However, when I ask him to take off his pants and show his thing to me, he gets a little shy and acts like a child who is going to be whipped. I ask all of my male strippers to shave their pubic hair because many women dislike the bush over there,” the owner of the Moscow club for women says. “Of course I realize that it is very hard for a man to have a boner all the time when he entertains ladies in the club. However, this is an essential part of their work in such places. I often ask job-seekers to start as waiters and then try something different if they can cope with being a waiter,” said she.

A waiter in a women’s club wears only white briefs and running shoes. The man needs to look after every table in the club, pick up empty glasses and dishes and wash them in a sink behind the bar. If a client decides to go wild and rip the underwear off a waiter, the latter is not supposed to show any resistance. Moreover, if a female client wants to use the waiter right on the table, the waiter is supposed to obey and satisfy the woman.

“We do not put condoms on if a woman wants to perform oral sex on a male stripper,” one of the dancers of the Moscow club says. “All other acts are performed with condoms on, of course,” added he.

There are several male strippers working in the club for female Muscovites. One of them, a former commando, entertains girls with his military skills. Women love to watch the guy breaking bricks with his hands. The bricks are not important, though: when the guy concentrates to break them he loses erection, and the girls do their best to make him hard again.

As a rule, women who attend the club are quite successful ladies (single or not) in their twenties and thirties. A ticket to the club costs 1,500 rubles ($45). This money allows the clients touch the dancers and even have oral sex with them at table or on stage. An extra pay of 500 rubles ($20) allows a client to have sex with a stripper privately in a booth. All the five booths in the Moscow club are taken from 6 to 12 p.m.

Bartenders pleasure women with cocktails which they prepare in a normal way but shake quite unusually – with their reproductive organs. The cocktail is called The Bartender’s Dick, which is vodka, orange juice and dick. No cheating.

“We have a tradition to celebrate the first day of a newcomer at work. We take used condoms and put them in his shoes. This is the first thing that a guy will see when he prepares to dress up and go home – boots full of used condoms,” one of the male strippers said.

A strip club for women or a strip club for men, male prostitutes or female prostitutes – the layout does not matter. The majority of people who use prostitutes’ services are unhappy or psychologically unhealthy individuals.