Police talk man out of home

By Scott Paradis
Local News - Sunday, March 26, 2006 @ 07:00

A man who barricaded himself in a residence near the south-end of the city surrendered to police after several hours of negotiating.

Timmins Police Service responded to a call at about 4 p.m. Friday. Police did not reveal where the call came from or what the call was about but it was believed that the suspect may have had access to weapons and could be a danger to himself or the public.

The Emergency Response Team was called and communication between a negotiator and the suspect continued until about 8:25 p.m. when the suspect surrendered himself to police.

“He was then taken to the hospital because of possible mental-health issues,” said acting Sgt. Matthew Beerman. “Nobody was injured.”

Weapons were seized at the scene but what kind of weapons and how many has not been revealed by police by press time.

The man had no hostages and police are not releasing any further information.



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