The Mailly family Murder-Suicide in Ottawa

From the Ottawa Citizen 5th April 2006 page C1 and C2

"But The legal system is neutral", said Nathalie Des Rosiers, Dean of civil
law at the University of Ottawa. "While some men claim women are more likely
to get custody of children, more and more men are awarded custody" she
said."The Criteria is what is in the best interest of the child and the
post-divorce family"

"The issue is one of control" said Ms Desrosiers. "Murder-suicides are more
often men killing their spouses than the other way round. It shows how much
there is a belief among some men that success is controlling your family.
The legal system can't do much about that" she said. "The real criticism has
been not that men have been badly treated, but the failure of police to
respond to signals that things are out of control-and of the community to
see that the relationship has flared up" said Ms Des Rosiers.



The legal system CAN do something about the problem.

Firstly it can recognize that children really do have a right to both parents

and post separation that children's best interests are served by an assumption

that equal parenting with equal time to both parents is the only way that will

prevent one parent having "control" or one parent being denied any control.

Ms. Des Rosiers criticism of the police is obviously ill-informed and not based

on any facts. Police are already have a "zero tolerance" that means, in any domestic

dispute, unless the man has obvious injuries, HE is the one going to be arrested.

There is however some criticism deserved for the crown in Ottawa at least who 

provide advice to female accused who are charged with assaulting their male 

partners. These women usually have their charges of assault against them 

withdrawn without any conditions in short order and go back to continue to 

abuse their male spouses sometimes on a daily basis.


Obviously, Mailley was mentally ill and unfortunately none of the professionals

he met were able to recognize the seriousness of his problem or perhaps, more likely,

none were prepared to take the courageous very serious step of ordering a further assessment.

Often , "professionals" are more concerned with their own reputation and avoiding

any form of liability than the best interests of anyone else. Obviously, there will be an

inquiry into this murder suicide and we will all need to patiently wait for that report

and I'm expecting to see a feminist propaganda work of art rather than anything that

will address the route cause, the unofficial official gender apartheid.