April 6, 2006

Ottawa Sun

A 20-year-old Cornwall man is facing a slew of charges related to incidents that date back two years. The man is alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend on several occasions between August 2004 and September 2005. He is alleged to have also sexually assaulted her and threatened her life and the life of her family. He has been charged with two counts of sexual assault, two counts of invitation to sexual touching, two counts of assault, sexual interference, assault with a weapon and uttering a threat.




OMC Commentary

Every time you hear of charges like this you need to remember you almost never hear that eventually

the charges were dropped or stayed nor hear the frequent stories of how a vindictive mother

told the police a story dating back years without any corroborating evidence.

Typically, these sorts of reports to police occur coincidently immediately after a father makes

an application to family court for an order regarding access and or custody.