Tragedy dominates discussion

By Alex Herbert

Ottawa Sun 

April 8, 2006

The near capacity crowd at Saint Paul University's Amphitheatre was a given a grim reminder yesterday of the importance of its visit.

Upon welcoming the crowd to the Community Crime Prevention Forum, Coun. Jacques Legendre asked for a moment of silence for Francine Mailly and her three children, who were killed by their father last Sunday.

Crime Prevention Ottawa, an initiative created in 2005, aims at preventing similar tragedies by working with communities to address the root causes of crime.

While most speakers addressed issues of youth crime, deputy police chief Sue O'Sullivan acknowledged the issue of domestic abuse during a focus group.

"Family violence is a big problem," she said to the group. "Especially because it involves vulnerable victims."

Bonnie Stephanson, ex-chair-woman of the Regional Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women, said it's hard to tell how this crime prevention initiative will actually stop domestic abuse.

"the concept of preventing this crime is so huge and complex," she said. You have to look at housing, money and many other factors."

Let by a 12-member board of directors that includes police Chief Vince Bevan and Mayor Bob Chiarelli, CPO brought various parties together to discuss crime prevention priorities and community safety.

Christiane Sadelaer, executive director of the Waterloo Community Safety and Crime Prevention Council, spoke about her citiy's success in drastically reducing crime.

Nancy Worsfield, executive director of Crime Prevention Ottawa, said the Waterloo model proves how effective these programs can be.

"We're not necessarily basing our plans on those of Waterloo," she said after Sadeler's presentation. "But we'll definitely use some aspects of it.


Commentary from the Ottawa Men's Centre

The Community Crime Prevention Forum never approached the Ottawa Men's Centre. We can tell them what the "root cause" is. 

The root cause is a corrupt judiciary, judges who become judges without ever being screened psychologically. If you apply for a job as a cop, social worker or airline pilot, you undergo extensive psychological screening. It is this writer's view that many of our judges are chronic habitual flagrant abusers of power. 

These sick creatures have an underlying unshakable belief in the illegal concept that children are best raised by women rather than a presumption that children deserve to have equal parenting from both parents.

In sum, the root cause, is the unofficial Ontario government policy of gender apartheid. Most are so fundamentally biased and brainwashed by their own propaganda that logical reasoning gets swept aside as a knew jerk reaction to hysterical feminist demands.

The Canadian government does not promote marriage and reproduction or the basic concept that children equally deserve a mother and a father. As a result, our birth rate is declining, men are scared of becoming fathers, men are terrified of getting married and being abused in every way. 

Men are scared of having a mother of their child suddenly deciding to remove the father from the children's lives permanently.

The reality is, the legal system caters for mentally ill violent women with severe personality orders who being unable to control their own anger blame the father for all their own emotional and hormonal problems.

When men are destroyed in every way, emotionally unable to be a father, destroyed financially by evidence personally fabricated by a feminist lawyer, some who have an underlying mental health problem can become unable to make reasonable decisions and many kill themselves. Unfortunately, the political pendulum is swinging even further against men and while justice continues to be eroded from  the family court system it is not unexpected that it will also cause more mental health problems and increasingly more murder suicides.

Don't blame men, blame gender apartheid and the failure of the government to make a legal presumption of equal parenting