Man found guilty of mischief for stunt

Brooke Larsen

Now Contributor

A Surrey man who mounted the Alex Fraser Bridge in an Incredible Hulk costume was found guilty of mischief this week.

Kevin Christiaens, 33, climbed the bridge in May 2005 as part of a Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) demonstration. F4J is an international organization that promotes fathers' rights in child custody matters.

Christiaens was sentenced to a year of probation in Surrey provincial court Wednesday.

As part of his sentence, Christiaens cannot cross any bridge on foot and must perform 50 hours of community service.

On Thursday Christiaens said he plans to appeal the decision and would "do it again" if he had the chance.

"They say we caused the traffic jam, but really it was the fire department and police that caused it," he said.

Christiaens said he was frustrated by the trial and "lost it on the judge. I told him what I thought of the courts and why I did it and he wasn't too happy with me.

"I said 'You trying being in my shoes and not seeing your kid for 15 years and see what lengths you'd go to.'"

Chris Wyatt of North Delta was also found guilty of mischief, but was discharged without any conditions.

Wyatt took part in the protest by climbing the Pattullo Bridge dressed as Spider-Man.

The prosecutor who handled the case did not return the Now's messages before deadline.

published on 04/15/2006


Commentary by Rob R.

The real facts that were not reported:

Trust the media to once more confuse the facts. It
should be known that Chris Wyatt was not dressed as
spiderman and was not on the Pattullo bridge that same

Chris was not dressed in a costume and was merely upon
the Alex Fraser bridge helping the Hulk achieve his
task and was unable to escape to safety as 6 squad
cars converged upon he and the Hulk before he could
get down.

The Spiderman upon the Pattullo bridge that same
morning was another who has not been officially

Best Wishes: Rob R - Batman -