Alleged sex ring cracked
Mother accused of exchanging sex with 12-year-old for drugs
By TOM GODFREY, Toronto Sun

May 3, 2007 


TORONTO (Sun Media) - A 12-year-old Rexdale girl has been rescued by Toronto Police from a sex ring allegedly being operated by her mom who is accused of receiving crack cocaine from older men for sex with the youth.

Detectives at 23 Division’s youth bureau said the investigation was one of the worst they've seen involving youth sex for drugs.

The victim’s mother, 42, who cannot be identified, was arrested on Wednesday and was scheduled to have a bail hearing Thursday at College Park court. Six men – whose ages range from 19 to 55 – have been charged with a string of sex-related offences.

Two other men are being sought by police. Their identities weren’t released.

“This 12-year-old girl is scarred for life,” Supt. Ron Taverner said. “It is a tragedy when a mother exchanges drugs for sex with her daughter.”

Taverner said special permission was required from Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant to lay a rare charge against the mom of corrupting children.

"A lot of officers were touched by this case because they have children of their own,” Taverner said. “It was a long, complex case because nobody was talking.”

Det.-Const. Sheri Acciaroli said the assaults allegedly occurred from November 2005 to November 2006 at an apartment being used as “a flophouse.”

Acciaroli said the developmentally handicapped youth was allegedly forced to perform anal, oral and vaginal sex acts with men who were smoking drugs in the apartment.

She said the girl is now living with relatives.

“She is a very innocent child and she is coming along well now,” Acciaroli said. “This little girl has been through quite a bit in her life.”

Det. John Valerio said the the case was one of the worst for his bureau.

“This is one of the saddest cases we have come across,” Valerio said.

Charged are Harold Cover, 55, of Mississauga, Ont.; Radcliffe Parchment, 19, of Toronto; Muralee Balasubramaniam, 50, of no fixed address; Neil Rose, 44, of Brampton, Ont.; Dennis Guthrie, 52, of Whitby, Ont.; and Linton Lewis, 47, of Brampton, Ont.