Woman got tattoo after alleged rape

May 10, 2007 


CALGARY (Sun Media) - Months after she says she was repeatedly raped by her estranged boyfriend a city woman had his name tattooed across her back, court heard yesterday.

The woman, 30, who can't be identified, said she had her lover's first name put on her back after they had resumed their on-again, off-again relationship.

The body art was done last September, she told defence lawyer Jim Lutz, 10 months after she says her ex-beau broke into her home, bound her with duct tape and assaulted her.

But the woman said her decision to return to the arms of the accused, who can't be named to protect her identity, had more to do with being a psychological prisoner.

"Sometimes it's a lot easier to go back to the abuser than ... trying to leave," she said.

His client, 37, faces five charges including aggravated sexual assault, break and enter and unlawful confinement in connection with a Nov. 5, 2005, incident at the woman's Renfrew area home.

Lutz also quizzed the woman about a restraining order against the accused which was vacated a month after the alleged attack.

She denied asking a lawyer with Calgary Legal Guidance to have the restraining order rescinded.

But Crown prosecutor Janice Rea later conceded court records showed lawyer Catherine Christopher had the document vacated at the woman's request.

The trial resumes this morning.