Don't deny father's right to see child

May 11, 2007


Why do women keep children from their father? This has always bothered me, and I am really curious as to what goes through a woman's head to think it is OK to mentally abuse their child for the sake of hurting the father. What makes a woman so evil that she thinks its OK to destroy the child's relationship with the father?

If the parents couldn't work it out, that doesn't mean the child no longer has a father. Just because the woman gets remarried doesn't make the new husband the new daddy. Why does a stepfather support his new wife when he has to know deep down it is not right? Is it because they couldn't have children of their own? Is it because they are jealous of the ex-husband?

Why is it if a father is behind on child support for unforeseen circumstances the child support division is all over the father (not in this case), but if the woman refuses to let the man see the child, the child support division doesn't enforce that? Why doesn't the Crawford County Court system enforce this?

Why does a father have to retain a lawyer in order to see his own child because the mother breaks the custody agreement? Why doesn't the police department have a right to order the woman to let the father take the child when it is his day to pick up the child? Why does a woman take the child to the doctor or emergency room every time they come home from the father?

Is it me, or do some women give other women a bad name because they act so psycho when it comes to allowing a father his right to see his child. To me, this is nothing more than mental abuse on the child, but the court system seems to always side with the mother, even though it is proven they have disallowed the custody agreement, they have mentally abused their own child, but because it is a woman, it is OK.

What kind of precedence does this set for all those fathers out there who have been denied the right to see their own child, if the courts do not enforce these situations? What is the point of going to court, then to see a child counselor, if nothing is ever done to enforce these so-called laws of custody agreements?

I understand why fathers end up in jail, because the ex-wife or girlfriend has denied their rights so long that the fathers just snap because they have had enough. The court system and the child support do not enforce their own laws that were set-up to protect the child, they just let the women get away with it and it seems to be OK because she is the mother and to heck with a father's right to see his own child.

Now, if a father has abused the child, that is one thing, but when a father just wants to be a father, it is so wrong on everyone that is involved in the process of denying a father their rights to see their own child.

Laurie (Harris) Mahley


I'd like to say my brother has a daughter by a women who could fit this article to a "T". She has done some horrible things to my brother while he was off defending this country. He went into the military to make a better life for his daughter. The mother has done nothing but make his life worse. While he was in she moved so much and never told him where they were. But trust me C.C.C.S. made sure she got the check every month even when he had no clue if she (daughter) was getting it. We the rest of the family are afraid if we tried to get her the mother would scream child abuse or molestation. This mother is very twisted in her thinking and she has already given up one child to the father, her last child she says belongs to my brother but it was prove to be someone else’s. Tell me what kind of system lets a mother keep her kids when all this has been brought up in court and she gets to keep them. This is why we have psychopaths among us.

Posted: Sun May 13, 2007 8:29 am

Finally you ended your post with what I was trying to get across in the first place. Your letter only faults a woman but I was trying to say that not all women are like that. And not all men are like my ex. As for airing my dirty laundry- do you know who I am? do you know my children's names? do you know my ex's name? That was my point. These blogs are anonymous unlike a letter which you sign your name. And I am smart enough to know that the TF requires a name and address to publish an open forum - as do all newspapers. I just felt like you were only attacking women and portraying them to all be heartless and mean spirited. I know plenty of men and plenty of women who are very childish about visitation and such but I also know just as many who are not.

Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 8:08 pm

reply to opinionated: 1st thing is you have to sign your name when you write an open forum letter, and you see I knew that when I wrote the letter 2nd thing is you said air dirty laundry, am I mistaken or didn't you just do that in your post.


- I'm pretty sure I did not say ALL WOMEN, and no it's not a boyfriend or ex-husband. I have been married 24 yrs and have 2 grown children. I am talking about family and friends who have been burned by SOME WOMEN. just because your marriage didn't work out doesn't make you a bad father or mother, but if you hold the children over the other ones head then yes, it does make for bad parenting. I believe I said in the article no support is owed, and that the fathers actually go to get their children but are denied access to see them because the mothers have a grudge against the father. It doesn't sound like a good thing your in. It's too bad the father of your children do that to them, but not all fathers are like that. If you have son's I hope a woman doesn't do that to them, that is my wish too. I know how it must feel for you to see your children hurt, and that is what I was trying to convey. The children hurt as much as the parent who wants to parent, not fly by night fathers, who only want to get the kids when they want, and don't feel obligated to support the children, if you made them then you pay for them. I am talking about fathers and mothers who are not allowed to see their children because of hatefulness. The children are the real victims in a custody case with a non participating member/ this goes for everyone quit putting the kids in the middle!!!!!!!

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 9:55 pm


opinionated - I don't believe you got out of this article what I did. it sounds like you are being burned, but you see not all fathers are like the one you describe as the father of your children. You talked about airing dirty laundry, didn't you just do that by describing the father of your children. I agree w/ her, read the last part, where it says a father just wants to be a father. I have seen so many men walked on by women because of the control they have over children, but what does it say to the children, that it's okay to belittle a father who just wants to see his own children because she has a personal problem w/ the ex husband, how wrong is it > I understand if it's the way you describe your childrens father, but some men believe it or not , really want to be a part of their childrens lives but are kept from doing it for no other reason then just plan meanness and to hurt a man. Just because you split up don't mean your allowed to control all things around you in order to make the man pay, you have children, don't talk about the father like a piece of dirt. Remember you both created these children supposedly out of love, but then it turns to hate, don't make the children meanspirited too!

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 9:28 pm

I don't condone things mentioned in the article--but why be offended by the truth. It is not the mans fault that women know they can have a free ride for 18 years.

The truth is the system is not fair-will never be fair as long as all decisions are going to be made one-sided. The legal system doesn't care because the man is 99.9% at fault all the time--and it doesn't count because a woman is pregnant with a child other than her husbands.

what do we have --no fault divorce? But women are not the only one to play the game! Maybe people shouldn't be allowed to marry until they're 21!!!!

So if everyone is so worried about the children wwhy not bring them up in the truth instead of the lies taught by the system we live under!!!

Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 4:34 pm

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