Man guilty of assault on wife with hot pot

Ottawa Citizen

Published: Monday, May 28, 2007

A 46-year-old Ottawa man was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm and criminal harassment after a judge found him responsible for bullying and threatening to kill his wife, court heard Monday.

Jorge Suarez was described as a very controlling man who intimidated his wife, Gislaine Rodrigues. Ms. Rodrigues was originally from Brazil and spoke no English when she arrived in Ottawa.

The couple were married in 2003, but they separated in 2005.

Court heard how on March 25, 2005, Ms. Rodrigues was assaulted by Mr. Suarez with a pot that had held boiling water. Superior Court Justice Paul Lalonde found she was intentionally burned on her hand by her husband.

Ms. Rodrigues was routinely forced by her husband to use a flashlight at night in their home, she was not allowed to shop by herself and could not be friendly with neighbours, court heard.

Ms. Rodrigues feared for her safety after her husband warned her that if she didn't obey him, he would get someone to break her legs.

The case was set over to June 22 to fix a date for sentencing.