Globe and Mail commentary

May 30, 2007


Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa Capital of Family Law Injustice, Canada) wrote:

Canada has a decreasing birth rate that is largely contributed to by the failure of government to respect and enforce the institution of marriage between a man and a woman to promote a sufficient birth rate necessary for reasonable levels of contributions by society and to prevent the poverty of those facing retirement.


Two people of the same gender cannot create children. Children need a real mother and a real father. Genetic parents generally make the best parents or society. The alternative is the "Gay Cookoo theory of reproduction" that whose motivation appears more political than of the desire to reproduce naturally. We need laws enforcing marriage as a contract with significant penalties if one party contravenes that contract.

There are now virually no rules of marriage. Now we have "spousal support guidelines" that equate a marriage value to 2% per year, thats right, the longer you stay marriage the more one parties potential liability. Thats a great Gay incentive towards the destruction of marriage. Anyone with morals or a religious attitude towards marriage is in for a real shock upon divorce.

Government needs to legislate a presumption of a lifelong contract absent a specific prenuptual agreement to the contrary. Specifially and most importantly, society needs a presumption of equal parenting after separation. Canadians spent billions on lawyers that would otherwise be productive money spent of the future of our children if it were not for the crazy feminist driven sharia type laws that give mothers an assumption of custody and financial support that gives them a life time of financial security while condemning  fathers to a lifetime of poverty and severely limiting their ability to remarry and have more children. In sum, without a fundamental change in the legal view of marriage, and without a legal presumption of equal parenting after separation Canada is doomed to a future of a declining birth rate.