Bus driver takes terrified students on wild ride

Jun 01, 2007 04:30 AM

Canadian Press

SASKATOON–Pressing hand-drawn signs that said "Help Me" and "Call 911" against the windows of their school bus, terrified elementary school students were taken on a wild ride by an erratic driver Wednesday.

Paul Merriman said his two children, aged 7 and 11, told him the bus didn't follow its normal route, but instead meandered through neighbourhoods and then hit a parked car at a Saskatoon shopping mall.

The school bus continued moving until the driver was forced to pull over by the drivers of two other school buses who blocked her path.

Barb Monette, spokesperson for the school bus company First Bus, said the children were put on a "rescue bus" and taken home after the 90-minute ordeal. She said the driver was suspended without pay.

"She was definitely not well," Monette said. "She definitely was disoriented. She's been a seasoned driver ... for 12 years and has an excellent record. ... But things happen, we're all human."


Ottawa Men's Centre Commentary:

Yes, things do happen, its called "mental illness" but because its a woman notice how "she" is replaced by "driver" called "erratic", only later do we read it was "her path", "Disorientated". They cover up for her with the typical diversionary information that somehow is meant to convince that she just can't be mentally ill, "She's been a seasoned driver ... for 12 years and has an excellent record. ... But things happen, we're all human."

What this article does not say is that mental illness does not just suddenly appear out of nowhere, it was there all along except no one could see it or no one was brave enough to say they could see it, or everyone knew it was a taboo subject that would cause them grief if they mentioned it.


Female mental illness is the number one problem in family court today, not just in the litigants but in the crazy feminazi judiciary that seems to select the worst examples of lawyers with personality disorders who become judges.

Society needs to remove the taboo regarding the discussion of mental illness and in particular introduce psychological screening  and real accountability for judges.