1. Karol Karolak from Canada writes: Supreme Court of Canada went on a mission of complete destruction of law and order in Canada and great any recent rulings strongly indicate that trend. They intentionally choose blatant cases of criminal wrongdoing and use well established legal principles in devious way to destroy such norms by letting well-documented criminals free. Principle of sanctity of marriage is never upheld in Canada in cases when couple reconciles after a spat of domestic violence real or cooked up. Once domestic violence charges are laid sometimes for the sole purpose of winning custody of children, exclusive possession of matrimonial home or restraining order they can never be withdrawn. Regardless if such charges are based on true or false events. If and when wife that usually makes such allegation tries to withdraw her allegations and reconcile with her husband she is threatened by police with criminal charges of obstruction of justice. Such cases cry to Heavens for upholding principles of sanctity of marriage just for the sake of well being of children but it never happens. What we get instead is a gift from the Supreme Court of Canada for the Fathers Day; sanctity of marriage and spousal incompetency to testify is being smeared with double murder and served on a silver platter to Canadian public and Canadian Parliament. Bad cases make bad laws but that well-established legal doctrine does not apply to Liberal hacks dressed in black robes hard at work in reshaping Canadian society into their own perverted image.