Letter posted in the Globe and Mail

June 15, 2007

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa Capital of Male Apartheid, Canada) wrote:

Woopi-do, Another publicity exercise from the SCC to convince Canadians that we have a justice system that works. Fact is not a single self-represented litigant has ever been successful in the history of the SCC. The Ontario Court of Appeal is riddled with feminist judges who rarely ever make a decision in favour of a father. The bias and hatred towards men literally oozes from the court room walls and it happens every day. There is NO psychological screening of judges, any lawyer with 10 years experience skilled at playing survivor and brown-nosing to feminists is a prime candidate for the judiciary. Those same essential skills are often honed and practiced to hide underlying personality disorders that create a chronic abuser of power. Almost every day in many court rooms across Canada especially in family court you will seek inexperienced lawyers jaws drop an eyes pop at the flagrant abuses of power reflected in politically correct feminist decisions that frequently result in a child being prevented from seeing their father again. Often the same judges blatantly pander with knee jerk reaction to any outrageous request to abuse their power and make a political career decision rather than a legal decision. The SCC is nothing more than icing on a very corrupt cake enjoyed by chronic abusers of judicial power. www.OttawaMensCentre.com