Ontario to hire 200 more police officers

Canadian Press

TORONTO The Ontario government will spend $26-million to hire an additional 200 police officers, Canadian Press has learned.

Premier Dalton McGuinty and Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino will make the announcement Friday at 10 a.m. EDT.

Sources say 53 of the new officers will go into the provincial police effort to target illegal guns.

In addition, the Ministry of the Attorney General will hire six new prosecutors to better track, investigate and stem the flow of handguns.

The money will begin to flow as soon as provincial police can hire and train the new officers.

Calls for tougher measures to fight gun violence were renewed after four people were shot and killed in Toronto last weekend. The victims included 11-year-old Ephraim Brown, who was attending a birthday party when he was shot in a shootout between two rival gangs.


Commentary in the Globe and Mail

July 27, 2007

Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada wrote:

Another MacPolitical decision that sounds great to the masses but NOT designed to cure the causes rather than the effects. A very large chunk of police work is related to "domestic violence", "partner assault" read, Feminist Sharia law applied against me which is responsible for around 90% of those calls to police that would far less likely to occur if Parliament legislated equal parenting after divorce and made equitable child support guidelines that allow for the parenting costs of both parents after separation. Feminist law means it is assumed mothers get custody and fathers pay support that makes a single 911 call worth hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting rid of a father and getting a temporary order that becomes a permanent order for custody. The average domestic 911 call is frequently a woman assaulting a man and calling 911 to have him charged. Almost regardless of the evidence, a man is charged even when all the evidence is that she assaulted him. Invariably the charges are dropped just before trial, often the incredible charges with no evidence end up in convictions and politically correct judges are just as likely to reject an appeal regardless of how many witnesses saw the mother assault the father. Most of these trumped up "feminist" charges are for the sole purpose of gaining custody and result in a huge financial "prize" called custody. Quite simply, yes, we need police to stop the gun problem, we can get the police to work on real crime by getting rid of a billion dollar police farce called "domestic violence" that is nothing more than way to get rid of a father. Every day, somewhere in Canada, hundreds of fathers are arrested on trumped up feminist charges that would probably not happen if we had a legal presumption of equal parenting post divorce and equitable child support guidelines. www.OttawaMensCentre.com


Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote:

Cure the cause not the effect. One major reason why we have crime is because we have dysfunctional children growing up in dysfunctional families without the benefit of a father. All to often fathers are removed from the lives of their children because of Police adopting a "Feminist Sharia Law" that results in assumptions that men are violent and women are victims. That happens because Parliament fails to legislate Equal Parenting after divorce.
Parliament fails to recognize the SOURCE of many of societies problems are routed in this simple failure to ensure children are entitled to live with both parents equally post separation. This causes men to fear having children. They are an incredible financial liability in the event of a separation that frequently reduces fathers to lives of poverty and an inability to remarry and have more children. When and only when Parliament legislates an assumption of Equal Parenting then Canadian men will feel like having more children and stop the current negative population growth that means there is less income tax payers available to pay for "police" let alone the current aging population. Its really simple, Mr. Harper, legislate an assumption of Equal Parenting and Canada's economy will be have a much rosier future. www.OttawaMensCentre.com