A boy who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a classmate has finally had the situation resolved at school. Do you think the school board handled this appropriately?

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Boy, 7, abused by fellow student

Comments by the Ottawa Mens Centre  in the Ottawa Sun

August 8, 2007

We have Gender Apartheid. A woman can kill her husband and claim she was a victim of abuse and walk away. Females can get away with abuse that a male will be deemed a criminal while a female again walks away. Take Karla Holmoka, she walks away and becomes a mother without any conditions. Meanwhile hundreds of Ontario men are issued family court restraining orders permanently banishing non-violent normal fathers from Cities such as Kingston which has Canada's largest population of criminals. Ask Justice Denis Power of Ottawa why he took such a strong object to an Order of Justice Beatty ordering an expedited trial of custody and access that he issued a restraining order, yes a permanent restraining order banishing the father for life-from Kingston. The mother in that case then moved to Ottawa just a few minutes away from the father. We have Gender Apartheid in Ontario and it starts at a very young age. Even junior kindergarten boys receive allegations of harassment. One thing Mr. Stephen Harper needs to do to end this crazy nonsense is to legislate a presumption of equal parenting after separation.

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