Quebec police find presumed getaway vehicle in murder of dad

Canadian Press

MONTREAL Quebec provincial police are trying to track down the owner of a vehicle found abandoned near a homicide scene where a man was shot and killed as his five-year-old son watched.

Provincial police Sergeant Jayson Gauthier says the vehicle's owner could be an important witness in the slaying of 44-year-old Yves Couture.

"A lot things lead us to this vehicle which tend to demonstrate it was part of the killing," Sgt. Gauthier said.

Mr. Couture was shot and killed after a brief argument with another 44-year-old man in the driveway of his home in Terrebonne, north of Montreal, on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Couture's terrified son witnessed the shooting as he sat in his car seat, but wasn't hurt.

A neighbour who didn't witness the shooting but came out of her house afterward said she saw the boy running in the street yelling, "My dad is dead, My dad is dead.'"

Police say Mr. Couture had no criminal record and they still have no motive for the shooting.

Officers found the presumed getaway vehicle abandoned in a thick wooded area about four kilometres from where Mr. Couture was shot and are continuing to analyze it.

Detectives have traced the vehicle's owner to a home in Laval, Que., but have not found him yet.

"We have a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing towards that vehicle, same colour, same type of vehicle," Sgt. Gauthier said. "It's not stolen and we're looking for the owner."

Sgt. Gauthier says police have not found a weapon, but are continuing to search a wooded area where the vehicle was found for any more clues.

"We've got some leads, some ideas and some things are developing," Sgt. Gauthier said.


Our commentary in the Globe and Mail

August 15, 2007

Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Road Rage aka Anger problems is a symptom of deeper more sinister problem, a complete lack of empathy or compassion for the crime they knew they were going to commit and in this case it was murder, murder of a dad in front of the victims 5 year old son. I'm willing to be that the perpetrator of this crime is one hell of a sick mf with long history of anti social or sociopath problems that will even revolt career criminals. The writing was most likely on the wall, and no one wanted to do or say anything substantive because extreme anger and mental health problems are a taboo subject that no one wishes to deal with. Mental health problems, cause or contribute to most criminal offences. They also take up most of family law cases, and a medical symptom of mental illness is "endless legal litigation" not to mention serious criminal offences. Without jumping to conclusions excessively, if the perpetrator was in fact the owner of the abandoned car then that sure looks like a knowledge of right and wrong and that won't get him a get out of jail quick card on the basis of insanity. I hope out of respect to this father that we can learn more about him in the near future. 613-797-3237