Montreal board may appeal teacher rehire order

Canadian Press

MONTREAL Montreal's largest school board may appeal an order to rehire a teacher who failed to mention in his job application that he served seven years in prison for killing his wife.

Jean-Alix Miguel killed his wife during a violent argument in 1990 and pleaded guilty when he went to trial several months later.

But he didn't mention the crime when he applied to French-language school board to teach a trade course in 1998 and was asked if he had a criminal record.

Mr. Miguel's past came to light in a worker's compensation claim in 2004 and he was fired, but his union contested the dismissal and took it to arbitration.

An arbitrator ruled the Quebec charter of rights says there is no reason to fire a person if he has been convicted of a crime that's not linked to his job.

The school board appealed the ruling but it was upheld by Quebec Superior Court, and school board spokeswoman Louise Richard said today the school board is studying the case and will decide later whether to appeal the last ruling.


Our commentary in the Globe and Mail

Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: Sure he lied and that WAS legal grounds to fire him however, what was the psych report? Was was his prognosis? Was he ever a danger to children? No one mentions how or why he killed his wife or the circumstances around his guilty plea. If Karla Holmoka can have a child in her care after her mass murders and lying to police about her role and have her conditions lifted then why isn't society taking Karla's child off her and putting it in care? There are just too many people in society ready and programmed to have a knee jerk reaction to form opinions and conclusions, and, to dispense penalties without any consideration to those facts or their effects on society.
Karla killed, she suffers an obvious serious personality disorder but apparently because she is female, she is AOK to be around children.
The guy pleaded guilty to killing his wife and served his time. If he has been teaching since release then his conduct since then is important. Obviously some people have gone to bat for him and before everyone rushes to judgement with political correctness it might be a little wiser to hear wait to hear the rest of the story. It has the makings of a doozy. 613-797-3237

More commentary in the Globe and Mail

August 15, 2007

You (Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa, Canada) wrote: L White wrote -- "there's a very big difference between forbidding someone to work with children and forbidding them to have children." I agree that the Karla Holmolka's case is a very extreme one however I don't agree that it's off topic, its right on topic, a murder caring for a child, yes one child but even while she had conditions she was breaking conditions and somehow that was OK apparently because of gender. " L White from Canada writes: Ottawa Mens Centre -- there's a very big difference between forbidding someone to work with children and forbidding them to have children. I think that Karla Holmolka's case is a very extreme one and easily used to go off topic. A "convicted felon" is an American term, with American attitudes that have little in common with the principles of restorative justice even if they are politically unpopular with the relatively unqualified uneducated masses who seek severe retribution not to look realistically on how society needs to fix the problem not create more problems which is what is increasingly resulting from American ideas of retribution and mass incarceration. The world is full of imperfect people and some are so imperfect that they should be locked away permanently because of the risk they post. Similarly, others should not, others should be allowed to return to society and what work they do, who they have contact with is the subject for professionals in that area and as I'm not, I'd like to hear what the professionals have to say not the opinion of some red necked uneducated unqualified politically correct moron wishing to "jail em all indefinitely". Society needs expert psych evaluations to take away the guess work and that has no substantive connection to the subject of "father's rights" (L White's Post) but rather a realistic practical approach to the long term problems that will result from extreme anger, mental health problems and extreme personality disorders. 613-797-3237