Williams promises bucks for babies

Canadian Press

CORNER BROOK Newfoundland Progressive Conservative Leader Danny Williams unveiled a key plank in his party's election platform on Tuesday, pledging to give families in Newfoundland and Labrador $1,000 for every baby born or adopted in the province.

The Tory leader on the first full day of campaigning for the Oct. 9 vote said the bonus would be aimed at reversing the province's dwindling birth rate.

Mr. Williams estimated that the program would cost the province $4.5-million.

He also promised to put more police officers on the streets, build more long-term care facilities and maintain the province's freeze on post-secondary tuition.

The legislature was dissolved Monday, kicking off a three-week campaign that Mr. Williams is widely expected to win.

The vote is the first under the province's fixed-date legislation.

At dissolution, the Tories had 34 seats, the Liberals 11 and the NDP one. There are also two vacant seats.



Our commentary in the Globe and Mail

September 18, 2007

  1. You (Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa home of Canada's corrupt family court judges, Canada) wrote: Danny Williams is to be congratulated on being one of the first politicians to putting one foot in the right direction. But, he has done so without any real thought or facing reality which is that Canada has a negative population growth because Canada does NOT have a mandatory presumption of equal parenting after divorce or separation. Fathers in Canadian family courts are treated as second class humans, its male gender apartheid and you can feel the hatred oozing out of the courtroom walls. Lawyers fabricate evidence personally, judges engage in the process of justification simply to give custody to a woman who may be a drug addicted mentally ill violent prostitute. It simply does not matter how good a dad you are when you go into family court, because you are male odds are you are going to be on the receiving end of Canada's unofficial policy of male gender apartheid. Its got to end. The only way is to legislate a mandatory presumption of equal parenting after divorce. Equal means equal time, there is no reason generally why a child should not have the benefit of a mother and a father. So, Danny Williams are you going to address the real problem? Are you going to express your support and propose legislation that will make a legal presumption of Equal Parenting after separation or divorce? www.OttawaMensCentre.com 613-797-3237