Dunlop refuses testify for a second time at the Cornwall public inquiry

Graham Hughes, The Ottawa Citizen

Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Perry Dunlop has refused for the second day to testify at the Cornwall public inquiry. Brought to Cornwall from B.C. under a subpoena he declined to speak to the inquiry on Monday, saying he had no faith in the Ontario justice system.

Justice Normand Glaude gave him until 9:30 this morning to reconsider, when he took the stand he reiterated that he would not speak. His wife, Helen, somewhat reluctantly, answered a series of innocuous questions from inquiry chief counsel Peter Engelmann. He then asked if she would answer further questions.

She replied that whether she answered or not would depend on the questions. Under questioning, she said she knew that her husband had spoken with several alleged sexual abuse victims while he was on stress leave from the Cornwall police force.

After an adjournment of about 30 minutes Mr. Engelmann announced that proceedings would be adjourned until 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. He told the judge that because Mrs. Dunlop had agreed to speak, he would have to revise his questions. He noted that the main witness was supposed to be Mr. Dunlop. He invited Mrs. Dunlop and her husband to meet with him during the break to discuss what information he would be introducing this afternoon.

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