Thirtysomethings drive 2005 birth rate to seven-year high

The Canadian Press

Ottawa — Canada recorded its highest number of births—and its highest total fertility rate—in seven years in 2005, thanks mostly to women in their 30s.

But Statistics Canada says the total fertility rate is still far below replacement-level and less than half what it was 60 years ago.

Canada's total fertility rate in 2005 was 1.54 children per woman, an increase from 1.53 in the previous year and the highest rate since 1998.

But that's is still well below what is known as replacement-level fertility, which is 2.1 children per woman, and way behind the 3.6 in 1947.

In total, 342,176 babies were born in 2005, up 1.5 per cent from the previous year and more than double the 0.6 per cent increase in 2004.

The number of births dropped to a 55-year low in 2000 but, except 2002, has risen every year since — largely because most babies were born to parents belonging to the echo generation (the children of baby boomers) had entered their prime childbearing years as of 2001.

At the height of the baby boom in 1959, the number of annual births exceeded 479,000, the highest level since comparable Canada-wide vital statistics were first compiled in 1921.



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