McGuinty promises voters 'best of both worlds'

Reducing emissions for a safer environment doesn't preclude a stronger economy, the Liberal Leader says

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

STRATFORD Ontario will require companies to reduce their toxic emissions if the Liberals are re-elected, Leader Dalton McGuinty says.

Shifting his focus in the second half of the election campaign from public education to the environment yesterday, Mr. McGuinty said the province will follow the lead of Massachusetts, which has been able to cut emissions by half over the past decade.

A Liberal government would enact a new law requiring industry to reduce its emissions over time. The approach would be similar to how the waiting-times strategy came into place: consultations with experts, industry and the public before setting provincewide targets.

"We're going to want to move on this as aggressively as we can, but in a thoughtful and responsible way," Mr. McGuinty told reporters at a campaign stop in Stratford.

Mr. McGuinty acknowledged Ontario businesses will have to assume additional responsibility if his legislation on toxins passes. But there should not be a choice between a healthy environment and a robust economy, he said.

"Our determination on behalf of progressive, ambitious, health-conscious Ontarians is to ensure that they have the best of both worlds, which is a strong economy and a safe and clean environment," he said.

The Liberals' environmental plan also includes a provincewide ban on the cosmetic use of pesticides on lawns, gardens and parks, which can pose a health risk. Golf courses and farms would be exempt.

Critics say Mr. McGuinty has already had four years to implement a ban on pesticides and wonder why he's only acting now.

There are now more than 125 municipalities that have adopted or drafted some form of anti-pesticide bylaw. The province of Quebec has also banned pesticides.

The College of Family Physicians of Ontario released a report in 2005 saying that various pesticides had adverse health effects. The pesticide industry argues that the chemicals are safe when used as directed.

Yesterday, Mr. McGuinty made three campaign stops across the province to discuss some of his environmental pledges and boast about his party's record.

His visit early in the day to Walkerton, a town that seven years ago was hit by a tainted-water tragedy, was the second in four years. He was there last time under similar circumstances - to woo voters in the hopes of being elected premier.

Mr. McGuinty said his government has made great strides to protect the province's drinking water supply. The Liberals have implemented all 121 recommendations of an inquiry led by Justice Dennis O'Connor, who was appointed by the former Progressive Conservative government, he said.

The Liberals have hired 33 new water inspectors and provided more than $2-billion to upgrade municipal water infrastructure. They have also established a centre that has trained more than 5,000 people in best practices when it comes to clean water, Mr. McGuinty said.

"Justice O'Connor gave us a thoughtful and detailed road map and we implemented every one of 121 recommendations," he said.

Meanwhile, at the Walkerton stop, Mr. McGuinty was asked about the sale of beer and wine in the province's corner stores.

His main rival, Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, has floated the idea of selling alcohol in convenience stores to boost the profile of homegrown alcohol.

Mr. McGuinty dismissed the idea, reiterating his previous stand that the province already has an efficient system in place to sell liquor.


Our commentary in the Globe and Mail

September 25, 2007

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