Child abuse soaring in Ontario

The Canadian Press

TORONTO The Children's Aid Societies says more than 29,000 children in Ontario were abused or neglected last year, an increase of 24 per cent since 2000-2001.

The child and family welfare agency also says it received more than 160,000 calls about child protection concerns last year, an increase of 25 per cent.

The Children's Aid Societies released the figures Monday to mark the start of Child Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario.

It said that the number of children and families receiving its services keeps rising and that more must be done to protect them.

Children's Aid also says almost 44,000 families received child welfare services and parenting supports last year to cope with stress, poverty, addiction and mental health problems, a 33-per-cent rise over 2000-2001.

Nearly one-third of all child-related investigations of abuse involved exposure to domestic violence or neglect. Another 15 per cent involved emotional abuse, 10 per cent were physical abuse cases and 3 per cent involved sexual abuse.



  1. You (Ottawa Mens, from Ottawa -Home of corrupt family court judges., Canada) wrote: If you are male, odds are your compliant will be viewed through a window heavily tinted with gender bias. If you are female, there it is official policy that the CAS is to help a mother keep her kids and solve her problems while a perfectly ok dad gets ignored. Any complaint by a female can quickly result in the total alienation of a father from his children while months of biased investigations ultimately determine that never was a problem. Every CAS office is different, workers in each office can vary from those who are saints to those you will abuse their power and authority at the drop of a hat and do indirectly exactly that they are prohibited from doing directly. Other workers follow the letter of the legislation and find themselves next to totally powerless to act. We have a big problem in that CAS simply refuse to deal with any allegation of parental alienation and in particular are next to deaf when there is an allegation that a mother is violent and mentally ill. When an allegation appears by a father that a mother is mentally ill, many CAS workers will see it as their feminist agenda to help the mother and even fabricate evidence for her to paint the father negatively just to fulfill a feminist agenda. Sadly, most workers are female, to get into the CAS odds are you will have completed a course in "women's studies" which means you have passed a course in male hatred. The CAS have unlimited legal budgets that enable them to swamp virtually any party in litigation. The courts treat the CAS as though they are gods gift to children and cannot do anything wrong. Judges when shown blatant evidence of fabrication by CAS workers simply refuse to see it because it would be politically dangerous to "cross" the CAS. The problem is that we do not have enough judges with real family law experience or real experience in child advocacy who have the expected level of wisdom, life experiences, child protection litigation to do what is needed.