Abuser blames child for sex acts
The Edmonton Sun

November 7, 2007 


An Edmonton man who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his five-year-old daughter and wrote her a letter of apology appears to be blaming the little girl.

The 43-year-old molester, who can't be named to protect the victim, told police his daughter "initiated the sexual acts" in the bedroom and in the shower.


In his apology letter, the sex offender asks the girl's forgiveness for him "not showing better judgement" and says he should have stopped her more forcibly.

"I only wanted to show her that I loved her and that some things would have to wait for her to grow up, but to give knowledge of what to expect," he said in the letter.

"I had only wanted to answer your questions as best as I could.

"I know that showing you was not the way and giving in to you was wrong. I didn't want you hating daddy because I wouldn't tell you what you wanted to know."

He also claimed the abuse was not sexual in any way and he did not get any pleasure out of it.

The man, who court heard has a previous conviction for sexual assault, ended the letter by asking the girl's mother if he can still say goodnight to the child.

The city father pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual touching of a person under 14.

According to an agreed statement of facts, the man is the biological father of the victim, who recently turned eight, and was separated from the girl's mother during the offence period of March 1, 2005, to July 2, 2005.

He was living in a south-side basement suite and his daughter would visit him frequently and stay overnight once or twice a week.


The child's mother called police after the girl revealed her father was touching her sexually.

After being confronted during an interview, the man made some admissions to a detective, but he maintained she had "initiated the sexual acts."

During one of the incidents of sexual interference, the man was talking to his daughter about women having orgasms, according to the agreed facts.

The girl told the child abuse detective "she didn't think what was happening with her dad was a bad thing because (he) told her it wasn't."

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Mary Moreau ordered a pre-sentence report and a psychiatric assessment done on the man and a sentencing hearing was set for Feb. 19.

He remains free on bail, but is not allowed to have any contact with the girl.