Toronto police chief defends Taser use despite Vancouver airport incident


November 16, 2007

 TORONTO -- Toronto's police chief is standing by the use of Tasers by his officers despite the controversial death of a man at Vancouver's airport.

 The 40-year-old man (Robert Dziekanski) died minutes after being zapped twice by a Taser at the airport on Oct. 14.

Police were called because he had been acting strangely after spending about 10 hours waiting vainly to meet his mother.

 Toronto chief Bill Blair says with proper training, and in the right circumstance, Tasers can save the lives of officers and suspects.
 Blair adds that out of the 230 times Tasers were used in Toronto this year, there was not a single serious injury.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says the RCMP is reviewing Taser use and that a report is being prepared. He says he is waiting to see that report before commenting on the Vancouver incident. (AM640)



Toronto Police are famous for their political lobbying, political grandstanding and posturing.

Just why does Bill Blair feel the need to shoot his mouth off?

Is he getting in some positive publicity in case Toronto police Taser some innocent person to death or is just looking for any opportunity to put his name on a press release.