N.B. woman who disposed of newborn was in a disassociated state - psychiatrist

November 21, 2007 


ST. STEPHEN, N.B, - A psychiatrist says a New Brunswick woman who disposed of her newborn infant in a fire pit wasn't criminally responsible because of a mental disassociation.

Dr. Patricia Pearce is testifying at a sentencing hearing for Becky Sue Morrow. The 27-year-old has pleaded guilty to offering an indignity to a newborn and disposing of a dead body with the intent of concealing a delivery.

It was never determined if the baby was alive when it was placed in the pit in March, however the body was mutilated and some of the remains were placed under a shed.

Pearce says the disassociated state would be like watching the events on television.

The Crown plans to call a psychiatrist with a different opinion.