CSIS tapes could have helped, Mountie insists

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA A top Mountie is standing by a controversial assertion that the Air India bombing could have been solved earlier if Canada's spy service had not erased key wiretap tapes.

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass first voiced the opinion in a 1996 memo arguing that the tapes could have provided evidence to support a conspiracy conviction against the bombers.

Mr. Bass has told a public inquiry he has not changed his mind, despite counter-arguments by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

He said he was not trying to point fingers at CSIS after the 1985 downing of Air India Flight 182 killed 329 people.

Documents tabled at the inquiry show he also feared the Mounties themselves might face criticism of their past investigative efforts once the case got to court.

The belated prosecution of Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri ultimately failed, when a B.C. judge concluded in 2005 that the Crown had not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.




Our commentary in the Globe and Mail

  1. You (Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa - Home of family court flagrant abusers of judicial POWER., Canada) wrote: Could have, should have, would have, another example of wonderful hindsight. Only problem is CSIS are supposed to have foresight not to mention common sense which "should have" dictated that the tapes be kept not put through buzzing magnetic field to have their irreplaceable evidence destroyed for ever.

    Its a bit like are family court judges, they don't destroy tapes, they make sure that no one can get hold of them, and if there is anything "incriminating" they rule that "the incriminating material" be not included in the transcripts, or prevent anyone from obtaining transcripts. The latest trick in Ottawa Family Court is to tell self-represented litigants that they must obtain the prior approval of the judge in order to order to allow an order of transcripts. The judge may and frequently does chooses to remain silent. Family Court judges are like the 3 wise monkeys, they don't want see fraud, hear fraud, and do what ever it takes to make sure any such allegation "goes away". It's just another sickening example of the gender apartheid applied by judges who have no hesitation in flagrantly abusing their descretion. www.OttawaMensCentre.com