Conservative MP denies laptop viewing of 'scantily clad woman'

Globe and Mail Update

Conservative James Moore has vehemently denied allegations by opposition MPs that he viewed an image of a “scantily clad woman” on his laptop in the House of Commons.

The strange allegation was made Wednesday during a point of order in the House by the NDP's Irene Mathyssen.

Ms. Mathyssen said she spotted inappropriate material on Mr. Moore's laptop when she stood to address the House Tuesday

“I saw the member from Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam with a laptop on his desk. It was open and on the screen was an image of a scantily clad woman. This was in my clear view and in the clear view of the public,” Ms. Mathyssen said.

“I feel very strongly that this is not only disrespectful of women, but it's disrespectful of this House. It reflects an attitude of objectifying women, and we know that when women and other human beings are objectified and dehumanized, they become the objects of violence and abuse.”

Mr. Moore appeared stunned by the allegation, especially after it was amplified by Liberal MP Karen Redman, who said it was a “very serious allegation” and suggested Mr. Moore “look in his heart, perhaps look on his laptop.”

“I don't, frankly, have the faintest idea what my colleague is talking about,” Mr. Moore said.

“I've taken great efforts throughout my political career to treat all my colleagues with the deepest of respect. I don't know where this attack is coming from, where these allegations are coming from. It is utterly baseless, utterly nonsensical.”

Speaker of the House Peter Milliken quickly ruled the matter was not a point of order and should not be heard by him.

Mr. Moore, who represents the B.C. riding of Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam, is a former radio show host and broadcaster. He was first elected in 2000 at the age of 24, the youngest person to be elected to Ottawa in B.C. history, according to his official biography.

He serves as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, and also as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics.

Ms. Mathyssen is the MP for London-Fanshawe; Ms. Redman represents Kitchener Centre.


Our commentary:

Firstly, the Globe and Mail shut this story down real early. They do this when they know a "hot potato" is

about attract a lot of posts and apparently in fear of complaints, they simply shut it down.


Now, Irene Mathyssen is rated as an "A" candidate by

If you want to see unsubstantiated allegations, just go visit any family court, Ottawa is a good place to start and you will see a host of "unsubstantiated allegations".

Feminists, particularly extreme feminists, apply what is called "an illegal reverse onus", that is, an allegation is made and the poor male victim is expected to "disprove the allegation".

The only way to deal with this is to insist that the burden of proof is upon the person making

the allegation. The fact that the "married Ms. Redman" expressed her concerns is NOT corroboration or proof. It is a very sick depraved support of an uncorroborated allegation that absence proof or corroboration then must assumed to be false.


As for James Moore, he simply denies it.

Statement by James Moore MP

OTTAWA – James Moore MP issued the following statement this afternoon:

"Today an NDP Member of Parliament accused me of looking at an inappropriate image on my personal laptop. I did no such thing. This was a baseless personal attack and I am disappointed she resorted to such an outrageous tactic to score a headline.  I have always treated Parliament, and all my colleagues, with the greatest respect."

Irene Mathysen called Mr Moore at about 7:50 pm to personally apologize to James Moore.

News is that  Irene Mathysen is is withdrawing the accusations and hopefully we can look forward to her retraction and formal statement to the Commons tomorrow December 6, 2007.