Homolka has left Canada for Caribbean: report


MONTREAL A Quebec television report says Karla Homolka, who served 12 years in jail for the lurid killings of two Ontario schoolgirls in the 1990s, has left Canada for the Caribbean.

The French-language TVA network reported Friday that Homolka had relocated somewhere in the Antilles, the chain of islands forming the Greater West Indies.

The network said she left with her child and husband, who is originally from the Caribbean.

TVA did not identify the source for its information. It said her lawyer did not have any comment and that Homolka would not grant an interview.

Tim Danson, lawyer for the families of Homolka's victims, said Friday that he was unaware of the report that Homolka had left the country.

"I have not heard that and they don't need to certainly tell me that in advance," he said.

Although Homolka is a convicted felon, Danson says she's not bound to Canada.

"There's no restrictions on her. So, she's free as a bird. Although being allowed into another country, that's interesting."

"I mean if she left the country that means another country has to allow her come in."

"That would be interesting."

Homolka was handed a 12-year manslaughter sentence for her part in the sex-slayings of Ontario teens Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French.

Homolka was released from jail almost three years ago and did not have any limits on her freedom.

TVA said police had not had any problems with her since then.

The network said Homolka decided to leave Canada so she could give her one-year-old child a normal life.

Homolka has moved several times in the Montreal area since her release from prison. She was tracked down by media after she got a job at a hardware store in nearby Longueuil.

Homolka's plea-bargain deal in the slayings, in exchange for testimony against former husband Paul Bernardo, sparked outrage after videotapes surfaced that suggested she was more a willing participant and less a victim of Bernardo.

The sentence also took into consideration her role in the 1990 death of her 15-year-old sister Tammy, who died on Christmas Eve after Homolka held a drug-soaked cloth over her face so Bernardo could rape her.