Females more likely to commit property crimes

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A new study suggests that female offenders accounted for a small proportion of criminals in 2005 and that, when they did offend, they tended to commit crimes such as theft, common assault, bail violations and fraud.

The Statistics Canada report suggests females aged 12 and up accounted for about one in five people accused of violating the Criminal Code.

Forty-seven per cent of these females were accused of committing a property crime, while another 28 per cent were accused of committing a violation against a person.

In comparison, 39 per cent of males were accused of committing a property offence, and 34 per cent were accused of a violation against a person.

An additional 17 per cent of the females charged allegedly committed violations against the administration of justice, such as bail violations and failure to appear in court.

The remaining 7 per cent were accused of “other” violations against the Criminal Code, such as weapons offences and prostitution.




  1. Ottawa Mens Centre.com, from Ottawa, Canada wrote: The fact is, society thinks females commit less crimes which means less females get charged. At the same time there is an assumption that men are more likely, that translates into an assumption that he must be violent if ever there is a she said he said. Fact is, police only need to hear a "she said" and he gets arrested, thrown in jail and often it goes to trial with no other evidence for the prosecution than "she said". Many of the convictions for males of violence are in fact wrongfully convicted and the real female criminal gets away with not just being violent but obstruction of justice, fabrication of evidence and its all treated as routine in family and criminal court. Women can make any crazy allegation often it is obviously and patently false and, judges make findings simply to "help the lady out". Its called doing indirectly what cannot be done directly. Take the Dis-Honourable Denis Power of Ottawa Superior Court. He did not like an order of another judge for an expedited trial of custody. He decided to issue a "restraining order" to "end the litigation, that was ordered by another judge. His exact words were "I cant do anything about the order of Justice Beatty, but I can issue a restraining order" Power issued a restraining order banishing the father from Kingston Ontario simply to justify a draconian order for costs that he knew would be used as a "second punch" to permanently prevent a child from having a relationship with the father simply because "She said". We have a sick biased society that promotes hatred towards men, its official gender apartheid that means men have next to no legal rights and if they have any, the judiciary feel its their obligation to terminate them by any means even when they know its a criminal offence of obstruction of justice. If you want to see female and male criminals, just look at a list of the family court judges. Real crime starts in Family Court. www.OttawaMensCentre.com